FLANDRES-ANALYSES, COFRAC accredited laboratory  ( accreditation n° 1-1185) INDEPENDENT AND RECOGNIZED


Flandres-Analyses laboratory is committed to guaranteeing its customers its integrity and independence. The values ​​he continually strives to share are the quality of his services, the responsiveness and reliability of his activities, the attention and satisfaction of his clients. Flandres-Analyses is a member of the UILI (International Union of Independent Laboratories) and holds several official accreditation:


  • The COFRAC accreditation (French Accreditation Committee) on many analyzes (cf: COFRAC Accreditation Certificate) grouping several domains:

    • Physico-chemical analyzes of water (LAB GTA 05)

    • Ecotoxicology (LAB GTA 23)
    • Water sampling and physico-chemical field tests (LAB GTA 29)

  • The approval of the Ministry of Ecology for the analysis of water http://www.labeau.ecologie.gouv.fr
  • The approvals of the Ports of Dunkerque, Calais and Boulogne for the atmospheric controls


 Flandres-Analyses laboratory participates in national inter-laboratory testing campaigns (AGLAE, INERIS …) with the aim of verifying, improving and permanently maintaining an optimal level of quality for its analyzes.

To meet these requirements, the Flanders-Analyzes laboratory presents:

    • An experienced, dynamic and motivated team
    • A Quality Safety Environment service for compliance with standards and replies to customer requests 

    • A Research and Development department for the evolution and innovation of analytical  techniques

    • State-of-the-art analytical equipment for optimal performance

    • A structured and adapted laboratory