The laboratory is composed of an experienced team. These qualified personnel who are eager to provide quality work are fully trained in the tasks for which they are qualified. The Flanders-Analyzes laboratory relies on state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to analysis and makes constant investments to improve its services. The Flanders-Analyzes laboratory assures you a rigorous work for all your requests.

Sampling and pickup

Our sampling technicians can take the samples or recover on site the samples taken by the customer ( in the aera of the north of France). Samples can also be sent to the laboratory via a carrier.


The samples are received by the laboratory secretariat which checks their compliance with the analysis request.


The laboratory secretariat creates a computerized record for each series of samples. Software specifically designed for the management of samples in our laboratory allows a rigorous follow-up and ensures a total tracability of the reception of the sample to the edition of the results.


Receipt of samples

Control of the results


Preservation of samples
Samples are kept according to the conditions required by the standards. The control of the storage conditions is essential for the stability of the samples.


The analysis are planned and assigned to the technicians according to their authorizations. Samples are analyzed strictly in accordance with laboratory standards and procedures.


The results are verified and validated by an authorized signatory.

Sending of the results

The results are sent to the customer by e-mail and on request by mail or fax. Flanders-Analyzes guarantees the complete confidentiality of the results transmitted.


Samples disposal

Flanders-Analyzes respects the environment and ensures that no polluting waste is released. Flanders-Analyzes collects the excess samples and all the waste associated with their analyzes (extraction residues, reagents …) and sends them to a waste treatment center.