Flandres-Analyses analytical laboratory

Flandres-Analyses is an independent analytical laboratory  which carry out your analysis of water, sugar, pharmaceutical product …

Water analysis

The laboratory specializes in the analysis of water on all types of matrices
  • Discharge water analysis (industry, wastewater treatment plant ...)
  • Natural freshwater analysis
  • Surface water analysis
  • Seawater analysis
  • Rainwater analysis
  • Waste water analysis

Sugar analysis

Analysis according to ICUMSA method on diffent kinds of sugar (raw sugar, white sugar...)  :
  • Color of sugars
  • Humidity of sugars
  • Polarization of sugars
  • Granulometry
  • Analysis of metals
  • Bacteriological analysis

shipment of the samples

  • we can provide you analytical services on yours samples wherever you are by shipment of your samples through shipping company
  • You will receive a detailed acknowledgment of receipt as soon as your samples are received in our laboratory


The laboratory Flandres-Analyzes has the COFRAC agreement for a large number of analyses.
COFRAC is the french agreement but is a signatory to EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) Multilateral Agreement (MLA) which includes several international agreements (like BELAC, DAkks,RVA etc...)

State-of-the-art analytical equipment

The laboratory invests continuously in the most modern analysis equipment (gas chromatography with mass detection, TOC analyser, AOX analyser) . This allows you to provide confidence-free test results with very low quantification limits (low concentration assays)
Why choose us ?
  • A team of experienced engineers and technicians

  • Competitive prices

  • State-of-the-art  analytical equipment

  • A very responsive service (analysis with very short deadline on request)

  • Reliable analytical results

  • An available and competent expert will  advise you

Télécharger notre Accréditation Cofrac (n° 1-1185)
Portée disponible sur www.cofrac.fr

Reliable analytical results

Our COFRAC agreement  as well as our analytical equipment guarantee the quality of our analysis.

Our continuous quality improvement policy and our team of experienced engineers and technicians (on average more than 15 years of experience) will provide you a suitable analytical service.

A expert will advise you and will be contactable easily

The engineer in charge of your analyzes is reachable  directly and easily.

Our  team of engineers  will give you all the advice you need. They will help you to find a suitable analytical service  and to get a good understanding of your analytical results.

The responsiveness of an independent laboratory

To fulfill your needs, we can carry out your analysis with very short deadline on request. 

For the shipment of your samples, we can work with the  the fastest shipping company  to receive your samples quickly 

Sampling and samples shipment

A professional sampling service is available in the Nord region, Pas-de-Calais, Picardy, Normandy in France

The shipment of samples trough shipping company is a quick and easy procedure available wherever you are: we send you a kit including a pre-filled return slip, a cooler, stabilized bottles for optimal transport conditions.

Des équipements d’analyses de pointe

Le laboratoire investit en permanence dans les équipements d’analyses les plus modernes (CPG avec détection masseCOT mètreICP masseanalyseur AOX …) .

Cela permet  de vous fournir des résultats d’analyses de toute confiance avec des limites de quantification très basses (analyses des faibles concentrations).